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Weed is illegal in NT, which means you won’t find a legal cannabis store in Darwin located in the heart of the CBD any time soon. Despite this, there are many Aussies that are interested in buying weed in Australia, in particular, Darwin. There are legal consequences for the use or possession of marijuana including for personal use, but medicinal cannabis is allowed if accessed through the proper channels.

At present, the only way to Buy Weed in Darwin is to have a prescription for medicinal cannabis, but maybe soon you could buy TGA-approved CBD oil over the counter.

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Local Laws

NT Cannabis Laws

It is illegal to possess, supply or cultivate cannabis in the Northern Territory. This includes cannabis in all forms such as oils, resin (hash), extracts, seeds, and plants. All of these are considered offences that could lead to penalty units and/or a prison sentence.

When it comes to possession in the NT, any amount less than 50 grams of marijuana, so long it is within your home, could lead to a maximum 50 penalty unit fine. From July 1 2022 to June 30 2023, a single penalty unit is $162, which means 50 penalty units is an $8,100 fine. If you possess even a small amount in public, you could face a 2-year prison sentence or a very steep 200 penalty unit ($30,400) fine.

Darwin Cannabis Laws
Cannabis Offences Darwin NT
Usage and Minors

The Penalties of Cannabis Offences and Children

Any cannabis offence, whether it be using, cultivating manufacturing, or supplying when done in the presence of a child will mean an increase in penalty.

When it comes to cultivating a large commercial quantity of marijuana, the maximum penalty a person could face is 25 years imprisonment. If this was in the presence of a child, the penalty could then be increased to life imprisonment. For trafficable quantities of cannabis, a person could spend up to 7 years in prison for cultivation. It is increased to 10 years if a child is present.

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Legal Access

Darwin CBD Oil and Medicinal Cannabis Access

In Darwin, access to medicinal cannabis is much the same as in most other states in Australia, where approval is only needed from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). As the great majority of cannabis products for medicinal use are unapproved by the TGA, they can only be prescribed to patients after they have been approved for access.

This means a patient must visit a medical practitioner and have a thorough discussion on the research, negative effects, and other relevant cautions for using medical marijuana. When both patient and doctor have agreed to the use of medicinal cannabis, the doctor will then apply for the TGA’s approval.

Legal Information

Legally Access Cannabis in Darwin

Northern Territory does not have any specific schemes or requirements for access to medicinal marijuana with one exception. If using medical marijuana has proven to be successful as a treatment, and the patient will be continuing its use for over 2 months, the Chief Health Officer must receive a notification.

If a product is included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), no approval is needed, and a doctor may prescribe the medicine without further application. There are only a few such cannabis products in Australia. For CBD oils that are classified as schedule 3 drugs, you may be able to purchase from behind the counter at a pharmacy, but at present, there are no approved goods on the registry.


Darwin Weed FAQs

It is illegal to grow, sell, prepare, manufacture, or buy weed in Darwin. All offences may be met with penalty units or imprisonment.

Exceptions are made for medicinal cannabis for those that have received approval from the TGA and have legally sourced their product through a prescription.  

It is illegal to grow any quantity of marijuana in Darwin unless you have a license to cultivate medicinal cannabis. This is a part of a federal licensing scheme, and any person or company may apply if they can comply with the necessary security requirements and meet the criteria of a fit and proper person.  

It is illegal to sell or display marijuana smoking implements such as weed vapes, bongs or pipes in NT.  For those that may own such items, the penalty if caught could be 6 months in prison or up to 50 penalty units. For the fiscal year of 2022-2023, 50 penalty units are equal to an $8,100 fine.  

Weed FAQ Darwin


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