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While there have been proposals to decriminalise Cannabis in Tasmania, there has been no change and there remain strict laws against weed in Hobart. Even having a bong could lead to penalty units.

With these Tasmanian drug laws still in place, the chances of being able to step into a legal weed shop in Hobart any time soon is slim. For those that do want to buy weed in Hobart, there is only one legal way and that is through the access schemes in place for medicinal cannabis.

Recreational users will need to be patient in their wait to buy weed in Australia or Hobart legally.

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Legal Information

Tasmania Cannabis Laws

Cannabis and items relating to cannabis are illegal in Tasmania. It is an offence in Tasmania to possess, sell, traffic, cultivate, or manufacture cannabis. This applies to any marijuana that is not for medical use.

If you are cultivating medicinal cannabis, you will require a federal licence. To acquire this licence, you must prove that you meet all the requirements and a proper and secure location for cultivation. You could also access marijuana if you have a prescription for a medicinal cannabis product and have legally acquired it through the proper access pathways.

Maximum penalties for offences related to cannabis can be up to 21 years of imprisonment. These offences may include cultivating large quantities of cannabis or using a child to traffic or prepare weed.

Weed Laws Tasmania
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Medicinal Cannabis and Travelling to TAS

If you are visiting from another state and you have been prescribed unapproved medicinal marijuana, you are in luck. In Tasmania, you are allowed to travel to and around the state with your medicinal cannabis.

The product needs to have been prescribed and legally dispensed from your home state. This may be proved with the label on the packaging, your I.D. and other supporting documents. This applies to all forms of medical marijuana including CBD oils, tablets, or flower buds.

Extra caution should be taken when it comes to travelling with THC vapes in Hobart as a letter from your doctor is recommended to prove your doctor is aware and approves of this administration method.

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Legal Access

Legally Accessing Cannabis in Tasmania

There are schemes to legally access marijuana in Tasmania, but these schemes are for medicinal cannabis only. For recreational users, there is no such scheme to legally access weed.

Access Legally

Medical Marijuana Access in Tasmania

Most medicinal cannabis products are unregistered/unapproved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), which means these medicines may not have been assessed or the research conducted thus far has not produced sufficient evidence on the effectiveness, quality, or safety of the product.

If a patient has discussed the use of an unapproved good as a medical treatment, such as medicinal marijuana, and the doctor believes that it is an appropriate option, then they can apply for the Special Access Scheme (SAS). Once approved they can receive a prescription for medicinal marijuana. Alternative schemes include the Authorised Prescriber scheme which allows a medical practitioner to prescribe to more than one patient an unapproved medicinal marijuana drug.


Tasmania Weed FAQs

Weed is illegal in Hobart. Tasmania has strict cannabis laws, and it is an offence to smoke, possess, supply, prepare, grow, sell or buy weed in Tasmania.

The possession of paraphernalia or equipment associated with using, growing, or manufacturing cannabis are also offences and could lead to severe legal consequences depending on the intention.

It is illegal to possess any item that can be used to prepare or smoke weed in Tasmania, this includes bongs and pipes.

Being caught with such implements will lead to penalty points which means a hefty fine.

Growing marijuana plants in Tasmania for personal use is a criminal offence. If caught the maximum penalty you could face is 50 Penalty points ($8650 – June 2020) or 2 years imprisonment. 

A licence can be acquired for growing medicinal cannabis in Tasmania, via the federal licensing scheme. This is only given to those that fulfil the scheme’s strict requirements.

Medical Marijuana Hobart


Take control of your health and well-being.

“Elevate your health, naturally”

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